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This practice is a holistic approach to psychiatry: integrating conventional medications and psychotherapies with complementary and alternative choices such as mindfulness, energy psychology, nutrition and nutritive dense foods, supplements, nutritional and metabolic testing and treatment as researched by William Walsh, PhD, urine neurotransmitter testing and amino acid therapy, hormone evaluation, sensory integration screening, craniosacral therapy, homeopathic and nutritional detoxing. We have experience in helping people who have difficulty with or who are sensitive to conventional medications. This practice works with adults, adolescents and children to create an individualized treatment plan that allows you to regain balance and health in body, mind and spirit.

Psychiatric evaluation for depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, ADD, transitions, PTSD, women issues, mens issues and more with a holistic approach to treatment.   Accepting new patients.   Please call for an appointment  919.929.7527

Initial Evaluation: $450, follow-up: $120 - $240,  depending on time and difficulty. Phone consultations available. This is a fee for service practice, and we can file your insurance for you. The insurance company will reimburse you. Fees are usually covered by your insurance company, if your policy covers out of network providers. 
 The office is located at 101 Beechwood Dr, Carrboro, NC. Please call to get information.  919.929.7527                      
Mailing address: Natalie Sadler, MD
                          PO Box 775
                          Carrboro, NC 27510

 Phone: 919.929.7527

                  Hours: Usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday by appointment                                   
                             Please call for more information or an appointment.